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Announcing Artillery's Project Atlas, a Hardcore RTS for the Browser

Ankur Pansari by Ankur Pansari
on 19 September 2013

Two weeks ago we announced our partnership with Day9TV. This week we are pleased to announce what we have been working on together: a real-time multiplayer game. It’s code-named Project Atlas, and it’s powered by the Artillery platform. Project Atlas borrows elements from the great RTS games that we love while also rethinking the boundaries of the genre. We want our RTS to be much more inviting to new players while still being a battleground for the hardcore community.

Artillery was founded by a team of passionate gamers seeking to make great games much more accessible through technology. Over the last two decades we have watched browsers transform from simple text readers into powerful application platforms, and we are confident that browsers are ready for the most demanding applications created: hardcore games. We see a world where all gaming moves into the browser and playing a game with a friend is as easy as sharing a link.

The Artillery Platform, which Atlas is built upon, uses JavaScript and WebGL to deliver a high-quality, low-latency multiplayer gaming experience to anyone with a modern web browser. The platform is centered around 3D experiences with real-time multiplayer capability and strong community support. The JavaScript-based game engine features a component-entity design, a modern deferred rendering pipeline, and development tools designed to allow creative expression and super-fast iteration.

We have put together a video to show off our technology – please note that all artwork and environments have been substituted with placeholders:

Project Atlas will enter private beta this winter (2013) and we are going to open up the platform to developers late next year. We look forward to sharing the experience with you. If you want news, updates and access to the early beta, sign up on or enter your email address below.

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