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Announcing Artillery and Day9TV

Ankur Pansari by Ankur Pansari
on 05 September 2013

At Artillery, we are passionate gamers, and we love competitive games like StarCraft and League of Legends. We were early players of those games, and many of us were part of the initial communities that formed around them. We started Artillery to make games like these more accessible through technology.

We’ve spent the last year building the Artillery gaming platform, which turns the modern web browser into a gaming console. Playing games with other people in real-time is an important part of a great gaming experience, and multiplayer capability is a cornerstone of our platform. We also set out to find the world’s top expert on multiplayer games, and that expert is Sean “Day9” Plott.

Anyone who follows gaming knows why Sean is one of the most popular personalities on the Internet. He is able to tune in to the emotions of millions of gamers around the world, and his superior insight and captivating personality are some of the reasons why his gaming commentary videos are watched over sixty million times per year.

It is with great pleasure that we welcome two of the greatest minds in the gaming business to Artillery: Sean “Day9” Plott as our Head of Gaming and Eric Burkhart as our Head of Growth. Eric and Sean will continue the daily operations which have made Day9TV such a success, and Sean will be designing the first title on the Artillery platform. We are incredibly excited about what we are building together and we will have more information to share soon.

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