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Hey everyone,

It's with a heavy heart that we must share some sad news: Artillery won't be able to support further development on Guardians of Atlas.

We're still trying to sort out the exact details, but we'll let you know in the next few days.

It has truly been a pleasure working on Atlas with you. Seriously, you've been a fantastic community. A passionate, insightful, positive, helpful community. And we wish we could've worked with you longer. <3



  • excalexcal Member, Administrator

    On a personal note, I wanted to sincerely apologize for our sudden radio silence during the last couple of days. We've always tried to keep active communication with you - you deserve it - but it's been a challenging week for all of us here. And we're still figuring out the exact plan.

    But again, I want to thank all of you so much. I've had so much fun playing, discussing, and enjoying Atlas with you. Please don't hesitate to ping me on Discord at any time, for anything.

  • TreiskTreisk Member, Administrator

    I really can't stress enough how much it's meant to all of us that we managed to get such a passionate community. It kept us going when things were really tough. So thank you guys for turning out to playtests for months, or for running a community tournament because you just wanted to get so much out of the game. It's difficult to really come close to doing justice to how much we appreciate that through words. <3

  • TheUlfTheUlf Member
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    But why? ;_;

    (Obviously I don't mean to imply you are choosing to end development arbitrarily)

    Much love and support to all of you at Artillery and here's to hoping for whatever's next for each of you <3

  • I am shocked at the bad news. You've all worked so hard and done such a great job for the past 3+ years. I may have only been a tester since the first big weekend but I wanted Atlas to succeed. I'll certainly keep an eye out for what you guys produce in the future!

  • starfighterstarfighter Member, Administrator

    Just wanted to echo Bobby and Jordan ^^ Thank you ALL for your support and feedback, it's been so great to hear from so many unique and friendly players.

  • AswanAswan Member
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    What can we as a community do to help you save the project? (I am going to assume you actually want to continue but can not due to some reason) [I will also assume it's a money thing because that sounds like the most probable thing at this point]

  • Sorry to hear that, guys. Whatever happened, may you all move on to greener pastures in your future endeavors.

    (I'd love to see a postmortem, but I'm guessing that wouldn't be for our eyes)

  • Thank you all for working so hard and making such an amazing game and more importantly being so friendly and interactive with the community! If the is anything we can do I'm sure everyone wants to help out.

  • I'm as shocked as everyone else - the hype train was really getting a-rolling and I was looking forward to the future.

    I understand that there are a number of things you can't really discuss but I wanted to thank you for the kind words and know that the feeling is mutual from our standpoint - it's been wonderful to interface with y'all over the past year.

  • awwwww :(

  • Very sad :(

    So much potential...

  • fJulienfJulien Member
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    The game have so much potential indeed but my inner feeling expected that a bit.
    If your not Blizzard or Valve you have a hard time to bring good games on people this days.
    It makes me really sad to see so much potential will gone now.
    But i need to thank you. I love this game and i never will forget the great time with the community and the devs in this game. I never seen any Gaming Company before who were so close to the Community like in this game.
    Thanks. ♥

  • so sad =(

  • Aw mannnnnnnn. I loved playing this game, sorry to see it go. Fare well, GoA devs.

  • Sad to see it go, will you release the source or is there a chance you can get it back up and going?

  • a thousand bighugz to the artillery team =[

  • So sad, this game was just as awesome as dawngate too T_T

  • This game has created an absolutely fantastic community. We should stick together!

  • And I've been hyped about this game for.. 3 years? Will there ever be a new competative micro-intensive RTS?
    Where are all the players??

  • It definitely was a joy to play this game along with all of you and see the awesome work of Artillery take shape. Devs and community alike, I hope to see you all around.

  • Cerebral09Cerebral09 Member, Moderator

    It's a sad day indeed. End of a chapter in my life really; I've been playtesting for you guy for a couple years now. Made a lot of great friends along the way; I hope we can all keep in touch.

    Best wishes to the entire team moving forward.

  • Ghost_StalkerGhost_Stalker Member
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    It makes my heart heavy to hear this. I must thank you all for having me on this journey. Through the playtests and many conversations, I have discovered much about myself and learned so much from all of you. I wish you well in whatever path you take moving forward. Thank you again, for being such amazing people.

  • Dang, i was really excited to see this game grow and what new things would come about for it, this is really a bummer. I've only been playing since the open alpha but it's been fun while it lasted, and good luck on whatever you fine folks move on to next.

  • Man....I'll admit, I feel awful. I was really really looking forward to what this game would become. I'll be interested to hear the reason behind this tragic news. Good luck with your future endeavors guys :cry:

  • Thank you for all of your hard work, experimentation, and iteration.

    I remember being excited by the ideas that y'all were thinking about and pushing through the browser client, though some of those didn't work in practice, and I think your story and discoveries move the entire RTS genre forward.

    I'm also sure, though I've seen no evidence of it from your posts, that things have been stressful, chaotic, dramatic, and disheartening as multiple ideas and possible futures have collapsed into the current reality. I hope y'all can take a few moments (like five minutes, set a timer) to write some reflections on how you are feeling now, in two weeks, in a month, and then at some regular cadence until the shadow has passed.

    You will look back on these posts and they will be hugely useful to you in the future as marks of growth and what you will have survived as individuals even as GoA did not as a product.

  • Dang :cry:

  • ... Very surprised at this news .. The game looked to be a solid RTS and take its position into the gaming genre.

  • well shit

  • I was looking forward to this game but didn't expect to save enough money for a new computer for a couple months. Thanks to the devoplers and all the streamers for the content I've seen. Good luck all. And I hope this inspires simular games.

  • It's hard to read this, I don't know what to say. Very sorry to see the game go. :~( Have you talked about releasing the source?

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