Feedback on the Carrier [Bug

So, the unit is fun and I've been experimenting with it, and whether or not it needs tweaks I'm not going to comment on because that's another story.

I know this unit is kinda unpopular so I think this bug maybe have gone under the radar, but it's pretty detrimental to micro. When you select your army and right click on the carrier for it to scoop, and then deselect your carrier afterwards to micro it close to optimal units, they all jump in. This is how it should be working, however, it seems there is a "trigger" range where units stop moving to get picked up, but it seems SLIGHTLY further than the scoop range, as such your unit is just left sitting there and no longer even attempts to approach the carrier. As you can imagine, this can wreak havoc on drop micro, especially for larger armies, and especially when they are split up for positioning.

The other problem I have with the carrier, is that once you "eject" all units, because the effect isnt instantaneous and they all pop out at once, there is no way to stop them coming out. This is a problem because, it doesn't register new units added as anything else. So if you hit the eject button and start moving out, but then want to pack up and move along, the new units you add will keep popping out, so no matter how many times you try to cram em back in they will keep popping back out. This is a nightmare for larger armies and doesn't feel like good design at all.

Thanks for reading!


  • Yep, these bugs make them so frustrating to use that I haven't even tried to make the Carrier work because I just don't want to deal with them

  • apparently I cant edit my post, but just need to make a couple of clarifications

    meant to say "deselect your army afterwards to micro your carrier close to optimal units"

    and just to mention, my description of what is happening may not be whats actually causing this problem from a programming standpoint - it's just the best way that I could describe it.

    @tedster said:
    Yep, these bugs make them so frustrating to use that I haven't even tried to make the Carrier work because I just don't want to deal with them

    glad it's not just me who has experienced it.

  • The first thing definitely seems to be a bug, but I am not so sure about the other.
    I think the unload command just means "unload until empty" and them it would make total sense so behave that was. It's also a risk vs reward thing. The Carrier has unlimited space so if you put your whole army into one carrier, it will take quite a while to unload and you will have to wait for the unload to finish before you can pick up and run away. The risk is that you cannot get away in time due to it still unloading and the reward is having to only build one carrier for all your army. Now if you build 2 carriers, you can split your army and unload it twice as fast and it only takes half the time before you can pick up and run again. Additionally, one carrier snipe doesn't make you lose everything. It's certainly a trade off.

    I think it would be a lot easier if the carrier would just stop unloading when issued a pick up command and when I first used it, I was quite annoying by that not being the case. However, having though about it for a while, that may only be the case because I was not used to it (and because I only ever used a single one instead of 2).

  • first one is a bug, second one is a design flaw imo, its probably functioning as intended, however I don't think a lot of thought has been put into design. it would be ok if it didnt take like 10+ seconds to unload a full army, the unit should either not do that, or not continue to unload after picking something new up. Not both, because it just makes unloading an army makes the unit a ridiculous gamble, and not in a good gameplay sense at all. It also affects different armies in different manners depending on their army size, it really needs to be changed before anyone is going to take this unit seriously to be honest

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