My Celesta Purifier Siege build!

I don't see much discussion about fun build ideas, so I'll post what I've been playing with here =)

Celesta: Remember that her D gives vision, so it can be used to snipe towers with your purifiers without putting any units in danger.
-Purifier: Long range siege weapon (like SC2 siege tanks). They put out massive DPS, but they need protection.
-Sabre: For early game only. I will happily replace if I find something better.
-Patchbot: It seems like a good choice for any build, really.
-Zephyr: Use the Gust to blow threats away from your Purifiers! Their AOE slow is also great for preventing enemies from coming too close to or escaping from your purifiers.
-Cryowalker: I wasn't satisfied with any of the big purple creatures. This tanky tier 3 mercenary gives you a much needed meat shield for late game. The CC on its basic attacks are another great way of controlling space, which is what this build is all about =)

IMPORTANT: Purifier range upgrade! It costs 100 blue. I buy it while my first couple purifiers are being produced, if possible.

Early game I spam wisps and save my blue resources for 2 patchbots and quickly go to tech level 2. I generate blue resources for quite a while, since this is a tech heavy build. Remember to use your hero to tank the trash mobs because wisps have very little life.

Mid game you try to grow your number of purifiers. This is a dangerous period because they are so vulnerable when rooted. Zephyrs will greatly improve your ability to engage.

Late game: you dominate the titan fights, but your purifiers are target #1. Use your zephyrs well, keep them safe. I've had opponents over commit repeatedly trying to kill the purifiers.

This is after a whopping 4 bot games and 2 pvp matches. Cheers!


  • Fun science. It's 3v3 though remember. What did your team go to support that playstyle?

  • DaresayDaresay Member
    edited September 3

    I'm not sure. One of them was green with lots of the tanky little seed boxes and some howling commandos. Other teammate was something similarly generic in blue. I set up the purifiers behind them when they engaged, and they were pretty good about retreating into me.

    It's worth noting that I got completely destroyed with this build by a red hero using some slow moving AOE.

  • KPjotacKPjotac Member
    edited September 4

    That low tech green style is what I've been playing around with and its really low shard cost. I've been thinking it might be good to combo up with a build like this and play a support role where you farm camps but only pick up what you need and leave the rest for the teching player. Could be really stronk

  • @Daresay said:

    It's worth noting that I got completely destroyed with this build by a red hero using some slow moving AOE.

    I'm sorry but this made me lol... :pirate:

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