Suggestions: Cursor size adjustment, Slight hero glow, and Location key binding

Hi! Enjoying the game! Here are a few suggestions and would like to know what you guys think?

1) Cursor size adjustment
- People have different eyes and different monitor sizes. When I play on a laptop, being able to change my cursor size makes all the difference.

2) Slight hero glow
- To help heroes be a bit more distinguishable. I'm not talking about a full on glow, but a slight color aura below their feet (similar to Warcraft 3).

3) Location Key binding
- Used location key binding a lot in Starcraft 2. It's useful for warp ins and checking an area quickly. I feel being able to keybind locations in this game would be a great addition.


  • 1) I don't think it's important, but not sure how hard a change it is for them. I've used a custom cursor in one game, Path of Exile, because I always "lost" the cursor in all the effects. I found a nice and easy third-party software for this, but dont remember the name... Should be able to google it if interested.

    2) Sure, sounds good.
    3) Also sounds good, I never really got around to using it more than as a test)) But with more "contested areas" in GoA than SC2 I think it will be even more useful here!

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