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Welcoming Our New Investors

Ankur Pansari by Ankur Pansari
on 03 August 2012

At Artillery, we are committed to an ambitious, long-term vision. We believe that it could take five to ten years to truly achieve our goal of building the world’s best gaming platform inside the browser. We know the path to get there is difficult, and we know that we need a world-class team of investors, advisors and employees.

That said, we’re thrilled to welcome our new venture investors:

We also appreciate the support of the many great angels that have helped us build our company so far: Ben Ling, Kevin Colleran, Alison Rosenthal, Tim Ferris, and too many others to list here.

Kent Goldman of First Round Capital and Rick Thompson of Signia Ventures will be joining our board of directors.

We feel lucky to have such a strong group of supporters who share our vision. To all of you: Thank you for your support. We will make you proud.

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